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If you would like to find out more about Humanitas High School, volunteer or assist with fundraising, or express interest in enrolment, please contact us using the following addresses or enquiry form.

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Patrick Vale   |   Principal   |

Patrick Vale is a teacher with extensive experience in high school, primary school, school leadership and technology education.  He enjoys the arts, the Earth (geography and being adventurous), sailing, learning new things and hanging out with his family. Presently he is the Principal of Humanitas High School. 

Mathilda Element   |   Director & Secretary   |

Mathilda Element is a teacher, mother, storyteller and board games fan. She has spent many decades involved in democratic education at Pine Community School, both as a student, primary school teacher, parent and curriculum consultant. Other teaching experiences span high school, primary school and early childhood, as well as work as a youth arts co-ordinator. She is driven by finding joy in every day experiences, and hopes to use her experiences as a teacher and consultant to create connections, meaningful learning and choice-driven curriculum at Humanitas.