Looking to get more involved or help out in some way? Here are some ways to help.

Thank you to everyone who contributed artworks to our exhibition and fundraiser. Thank you also to everyone who purchased artworks! This has been our most successful fundraiser to date!

Donate here! Make a donation to help us pay for things like; teaching resources, insurance, organisational membership fees and registrations, and legal fees.

Donate Here via Paypal


Thanks to all the supporters who purchased tickets in our January 2021 Thermomix raffle. The winner was April Hoyles of Everton Hills.

Video of our principal Patrick Vale drawing the raffle

I like to give, but not money

Have assets / stuff that you need to write off / de-clutter? Contact us to donate these things:

  • A fridge and a microwave

  • A bar size fridge / small fridge

  • A front loading washing machine

  • Commercial office furniture: Desks, chairs, stationary cupboards, tables, filing cabinets

  • Musical instruments - especially a digital piano with weighted keys.

  • 3D printers and/or laser cutters

  • Lego, Mbot and Arduino robotics

  • A school bus

  • A trailer of canoes (sounds crazy, but many schools were equipped with them and never took them out)


October 2020 Lego Raffle winners announced.....

Thanks to all our supporters. The winners were:

1st Prize: Cathie Fletcher.

2nd Prize: James Welham.

3rd Prize: Whitney Callaghan.

Not sure if you are the right person to help or just want to tell us that you support us? Use our contact form to get in touch.