Looking to get more involved or help out in some way? Here are some ways to help.

October 2020 Lego Raffle on sale now!

Visit to purchase tickets or to share our raffle and have a chance to win these amazing Lego sets! Tickets only $5 each.

Donate here! Before a school opens its doors, it generally doesn't collect fees or income from government funding for students. Make a donation to help us pay for things like; insurance, business and organisational fees and registrations, future rent and resources.

Donate Here via Paypal

NOTE: Currently none of our members or board receive wages, so you know your money is going to more boring and practical things than my new yacht! (On the other hand I can't afford a new yacht right now, but if you have one you want to donate to the school, a sailing program is on the cards!)

thermomix raffle.mp4

Thanks to all the supporters who purchased tickets in our June 2020 Thermomix raffle. The winner was Angela Tynan of Warner. Congratulations Angela!

Video of our Principal Director Patrick Vale drawing the raffle.

Ferny Grove Market Garage Sale Store Postponed!

Due to our need to keep all the people in the community safe from COVID 19, we are postponing Humanitas market stall at the Ferny Grove markets indefinitely. If you are sad because you wanted to support us financially, you can always donate via paypal.

Donate Here via Paypal

Thank you to everyone who attended our Intergalactic Rock Paper Scissors Tournament! It was a huge success and met our fundraising goals for the event!

Location Location Location

We are looking for a site to operate from for 2022. Do you have a building or building floor that you don't use? Let us know right now! I have a spare building!

I like to give, but not money

Have assets / stuff that you need to write off / de-clutter? Contact us to donate these things:

  • Commercial kitchen equipment

  • Projectors

  • 3D printers and laser cutters

  • Lego robotics

  • A school bus

  • A trailer of canoes

Not sure if you are the right person to help or just want to tell us that you support us? Use our contact form to get in touch.