Forms and Policies

Most of these forms and policies are available in the relevant sections of the website. Some of there are provided in the parent welcome pack. They are all here for your convenience.

Enrolment Form

Enrolment Application for Humanitas High School.pdf

To Apply for Membership of Humanitas High School for Families and Students

Sliding Scale Fee Offer

Humanitas High School Sliding Scale Fee Model and Form for Offer November 2021 (1).pdf

Examples of appropriate fee offers and a form to make your offer for tuition fees

Excursion Permission Form

Excursion Permission Form.pdf

Complete to participate in excursions (which happen almost every day!)

Parent Handbook

2024 Humanitas High School Parent Handbook.pdf

All sorts of useful information for our families.

Privacy Policy

Humanitas High School Privacy Policy 2024.pdf

Information about information that we collect, and how it is shared and kept secure.

Student Welfare Policy

Humanitas High School Student Welfare Policy 2024.pdf

Information on what is expected of our Directors, Teachers, Staff, Volunteers, Students and Parents in relation to student welfare and the Humanitas learning environment.

Child Protection Policy

Humanitas High School Child Protection Policy 2024.pdf

Information on the management and reporting of child safety. This policy includes the mandatory reporting of suspicion of harm and/or sexual abuse.

Complaints Handling Procedure

Humanitas High School Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure 2024.docx.pdf

Unhappy with something at Humanitas? This document can help you to find the right avenues for your concerns and how they will be addressed.

Annual Report

Please see our annual report for details about the school.

Humanitas High School 2024 Annual Report (2023 Data).pdf